Global Patient Services

Based on the spirit of “No borders for medical care”, Aizawa Hospital accepts international patients who wish to receive medical services we provide. Because traveling far from home to receive medical care in a different country can be complex and stressful, Aizawa Hospital has a special department (International Patient Services) to support international patients. International Patient Services provides coordination and assistance services to patients before, during and after their visit in order for them to receive medical care without worry or anxiety.

How to make an inquiry

You can make an inquiry regarding treatment we provide, treatment costs, applying for the Visa for Medical Stay and travel arrangements from the “Inquiry” page. We will respond to your inquiry within 5 business days.

  • We can respond to an inquiry regarding the process to get a second opinion, but not an inquiry asking for a second opinion.
  • Please use the online inquiry form, since we cannot respond to a telephone inquiry in a timely manner.

International appointment

Appointment is required to consult a physician, undergo an examination or treatment at Aizawa Hospital.

Here are the steps to make an appointment at Aizawa Hospital.

  1. Before making an appointment

    Please prepare the documents with the following medical information.

    • Diagnosis
    • History of your present problem and your current condition
    • Treatment history for your present problem
    • Medications you are currently taking
    • Past medical history
    • Physical function (Activities of Daily Living)
    • Diagnostic images related to your present problem
    • Referral letter from your physician

    Above information will be reviewed by our physician to determine if we are able to accept you or not.
    Please send the documents or data containing above information to the following address.

    AddressAizawa Hospital
    International Patient Services
    2-5-1 Honjou Matsumoto City, Nagano
    390-8510 Japan.
  2. Scheduling an appointment
    When our physician determines to accept you as a candidate for a treatment at Aizawa Hospital, we will proceed to schedule your appointment according to your preferred date.
  3. Confirm your Appointment
    Once your appointment is confirmed, it is time to make travel arrangements as well as apply for the Visa for Medical Stay. However, please DO NOT purchase flight tickets until your appointment is confirmed.

Application for the “Visa for Medical Stay”

The Government of Japan has launched its services for the “Visa for Medical Stay” in January 2011. This visa is issued to international patients visiting Japan seeking medical treatment or other medical services (including health checkup), and their accompanying person(s) as needed.

Period of stay is determined based on the disease condition of the patient and other factors. The maximum period of stay is 6 months. Only when hospitalization is scheduled and expected period of stay is longer than 90 days, you are required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.

To get the Visa for Medical Stay, you will need a Reference Letter from a registered guarantor (medical coordinators, travel agencies, etc.). You may also need a Medical Treatment Plan. Aizawa Hospital is registered as a guarantor, so feel free to contact us regarding these documentations. Please also refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for the list of registered guarantors.

Ground transportation from the airport to Aizawa Hospital

It takes about 3 hours to 5 hours to get to Aizawa Hospital from major international airports such as Narita, Haneda and Chubu Centrair (Please refer to the “Access” page for access from other airports). We will propose the most suitable transportation method for your condition and support your travel from the airport to Aizawa Hospital.

Stay in Matsumoto

There are three accommodation options during your stay in Matsumoto.

  1. Hospital (Inpatient Admission) Hospital room or bed is available only for those whose clinical condition indicates the need for hospitalization.
  2. Hotel We will propose various types of room from economy room to executive room upon your request.
  3. Apartment (2bedrooms + 1bathroom) You are able to stay in the apartment with your family. This apartment is a self-catering accommodation that no food or drinks are served.

Please contact us for more details since accommodation fees defer depending on the season or room type.

Pay your medical bills

We request international patients to pay the medical bills up-front. We will inform patients an estimate of what their medical care will cost when patients decide to receive medical service at Aizawa Hospital. We request the patients to transfer the estimated medical cost and a deposit, which will be about 10 to 20% of the medical cost, to the designated bank account before they travel to Japan.

  • When your actual medical cost is less than paid security deposit, we will refund a balance before you travel back to your home.
  • When your actual medical cost exceeds paid security deposit, please pay a balance due by cash or a credit card before traveling back to your home.

We accept the following credit cards.

We accept the following credit cards

If you use the medical travel assistance company under contract to Aizawa Hospital, you will pay the medical bills to the company.

If you would like to pay your medical bills through your health insurance, please review what services your insurance covers. Also, please check with your insurance company whether your insurance covers medical services in Japan or not.

Follow up after traveling back to your home

We consider that follow up care back in your home is very important. Therefore, please consult with the medical institution or a physician near you regarding treatment at Aizawa Hospital before making an appointment at Aizawa Hospital. If you have a physician who can provide follow up care for you, we will present your medical information including diagnostic images and a treatment summary to the physician to request your follow up care.